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Creating Safer Environments


Hospital / Medical

     With thousands of patients facing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) every year, hospitals and payers alike are looking at ways to improve safety. Incorporating copper containing bactericidal products into your medical construction or renovation project can make a big difference in patient outcomes. From custom scrub sinks to simple drawer pulls, we can supply a wide range of products to help minimize infection transmission.

Schools / Colleges

     Educators and their students deal with absenteeism due to various infections throughout the year. With dozens of people sharing chairs, desks, and door knobs throughout the week, transmitted germs disrupt the learning process. High use door knobs, push plates, and counters are the primary targets.

Public / Government

     Government run facilities and operations should be run as efficient as possible. Antimicrobial copper products can help facilities optimize employee safety by decreasing infection related absences and minimizing the need for temporary and redundant staff.

Daycare / Adult housing

     Focusing on both the young and old, both daycare and adult housing facilities care for vulnerable populations. Infections can spread rapidly and can lead to hospitalizations in may cases. Incorporating copper touch surfaces can help your facility stand out from the competition.

Restaurants / Retail

     In the retail and restaurant industries, heavy customer traffic can lead to a profitable and successfull business. Help your customers enjoy your products and food and show them you care by integrating antimicrobial copper products into high traffic touch surfaces such as door entry ways and bathroom grab bars.

Home / Misc

     We can supply copper surfaces for your custom home or other construction project.

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